Meet Sparky, who arrived to us from the ISPCA. They had received a call about a badly injured fox not far from their National Animal Centre in Longford. ISPCA`s Cathy Griffin went on the call and brought the lady a humane fox trap and carrier so that the fox could be safely caught for treatment. It wasn’t long before the fox was caught. He was kept overnight at the NAC before been transported to the unit for specialist treatment.

As you can see from the first two photos, Sparky suffered some nasty injuries to his right leg. We are unsure of the cause of this. The wounds were cleaned and dressed and he was placed on a strong antibiotic and pain relief.

Even by Day 2, Sparky was showing signs of recovery. His bandages were changed daily.

One week on and you can see a vast improvement in Sparky’s wounds. Both his pad and right leg wounds were healing very nicely.

By Day 22, the wounds down along his right leg are almost fully healed. Sparky’s pad wound is also healing nicely!

The last photo was taken of Sparky on Day 23 of his recovery. His bandages have been off for a week and his fur is already growing back on his leg. Sparky is now ready to move to an outside pen in the next stage of his rehabilitation story. We will keep you updated!