Event Date: 08/09/2015

Location: Kildare Animal Foundation

For this week, we have extended our opening hours from 1 – 6pm. You will be shown around by a volunteer who can help you to chose a suitable animal. Try to be guided by their advice but the decision remains very firmly with you. If you are unsure – then take your time and call back to us another day.

When you see an animal you are interested in, you will be asked to complete a re-homing enquiry form. This form contains basic common sense information.

Within 72 hours usually, you will be contacted by our re-homing Officer. The purpose of this call is to confirm if you wish to proceed with taking one of our animals and to arrange a suitable time for a home visit. We try to carry out the process quickly but occasionally we you need to be patient as not all animals are ready to go right away. Some need to undergo further veterinary care.

Remember your time is the greatest gift to any animal. This along with suitable accommodation and a healthy diet are minimum requirements. The more information you give us enables us to best advise you on the suitability of your chosen animal.

We take time and effort trying to place animals in suitable homes. Each one has already been a victim of thoughtless and often cruel owners. Even with precautions in place, some placements do not work out. For your part, we ask you to enter a committment to return the animal to us. We do follow up visits (by appointment) to learn how the placement is working out.

Come along each day and you may just find that cat or dog which will enrich your life.