If you find an injured or orphaned wild animal PLEASE DO NOT touch or pick it up unless it is in immediate danger. Please phone us (087 620 1270) or your local rescue centre first. If you need to move the animal place it in a quiet, dark and warm place. Then call for help.
Offer only water – no other fluids.

Covering an injured animal will help reduce stress and keep it warm, but do not over handle the animal or bird. Put it somewhere quiet, dark and warm. Wild creatures are not calmed by contact with humans. Talking to them and stroking them can only increase their stress.

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Recent Wildlife Cases

  • Buzzard 7th April 2018Buzzard
    This beautiful Buzzard arrived from Wexford in January. He was hit by a car and suffered from a head injury. After 24 x 7 care from our volunteers, he made a full recovery and was released back into the wild,
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  • Greylag Goose 7th April 2018Greylag Goose
    ·  We recently admitted this Greylag goose from Arklow. Suffering serious fractures to one of her wings from a collision. She was operated on by the wonderful vets at Anicare. An ex fixator was fitted to keep the bones together so they can heal. She’s doing well and we are hoping for good news soon.
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  • Rodney – The South American Swamp Rat 22nd February 2016Rodney - The South American Swamp Rat
    Rodney came to us over a year a go and caused quite a bit of excitement at the time!  We were contacted by National Parks and Wildlife Services rangers to care for a Coypu (American Swamp Rat). A species of rodent normally found in South America. It was reported to them after he was spotted swimming up and down in the Mulcair River, just downstream from Killnascully in County Tipperary. The adult animal was in good health and had made ...
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  • Here Come The Gulls 22nd February 2016Here Come The Gulls
    We got several new bird patients in this week, amongst them these two lovely black headed gulls. The first call came from a lady on the Naas Road who had found a gull out on the middle of the main thoroughfare. He had a very serious open wound on his neck. He was assessed by our vet who prescribed antibiotics and tlc for this chap. His wound is healing beautifully thankfully and he is bright and active. The second call ...
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  • Sparky the Longford Fox 17th September 2015Sparky the Longford Fox
    Meet Sparky, who arrived to us from the ISPCA. They had received a call about a badly injured fox not far from their National Animal Centre in Longford. ISPCA`s Cathy Griffin went on the call and brought the lady a humane fox trap and carrier so that the fox could be safely caught for treatment. It wasn’t long before the fox was caught. He was kept overnight at the NAC before been transported to the unit for specialist treatment. As you ...
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