Social Media Policy

We define good conduct in our organisation by following a small number of principles for Respect and Personal Responsibility. We outline these principles and ask that you follow them at all times.

While personal use of social media is just that – personal – people may identify themselves as volunteers of Kildare Animal Foundation (e.g. in a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profile, or on a discussion board) or may be identifiable by their content in a social media channel, or simply by being known in the community or circle involved as being a volunteer with our organisation.

If you choose to identify yourself as a Kildare Animal Foundation volunteer in social media, you are expected to also make clear to your followers that the views you express do not necessarily reflect the views of Kildare Animal Foundation, by posting a disclaimer in a prominent place (e.g. “The views expressed are mine alone).

You must:

  • Adhere to the Kildare Animal Foundation Code of Conduct; Do not post anything which can bring the Foundation into disrepute.
  • Respect confidentiality: You should only share information on Kildare Animal Foundation which is publicly available. You should not discuss any confidential or commercial information, as this could have legal repercussions for you and the Foundation. If you are unsure if information is publicly available or is otherwise inappropriate to post, contact the Kildare Animal Foundation Trustees before posting any such information.
  • Be aware of data protection rules: You must not post colleagues’ details or pictures without their individual consent. Photographs of Foundation events should not be posted online unless approved by Kildare Animal Foundation
  • Respect copyright: Always respect copyright or all information you encounter on the internet. Ensure to obtain permission for use of information and to give credit to the source of the information used.
  • Use common sense: If you are about to publish something that makes you the slightest bit uncomfortable, then don’t. Discuss it with a member of staff or management first.
  • Don’t descend to their level: Sometimes, discussions or engagement on social media can be vitriolic, vulgar and offensive. You may feel offended by comments made about the organisation or about your role within it. Do not respond in kind. Maintain a professional approach at all times.
  • Special Notice for Whatsapp messages: No photographs of children should be published. Do not post messages while driving your car. Do not use abusive language concerninganother volunteer or member of the public.